GMG is a global technology business empowering innovation across industries through the bulk supply of graphene. GMG has the vision to unlock the incredible variety of applications that until now, have been restricted to research labs. GMG’s ground-breaking technology positions for global expansion to disrupt unsustainable manufacturing practices and deliver high quality and customized graphene at a fraction of the cost of existing production methods. GMG works with leading universities, medical facilities, and global manufacturers who want to improve their products by embracing graphene.

Everest is a blockchain platform that integrates a multi-currency wallet + digital/biometric identity + payment platform. An end-to-end economic, financial inclusion solution. Basic financial services are currently unavailable to over half of the world’s population. The Everest platform empowers institutions to securely, transparently and verifiably transfer value to all people with or without a device. Users are able to protect their privacy and elevate themselves into the digital economy. Everest is the world’s only universally inclusive verification platform to also allow value transfer. Device-independent use makes it completely inclusive and users retain total ownership of their data.

Retreat Guru is a retreat marketing and management platform. They sell to a USD 6B retreat market. Retreat Guru’s marketplace drives SaaS sales leads. SaaS clients auto-populate our marketplace inventory. This creates an ecosystem with high switching costs. They are the market leader for retreat booking and management software. Their software is custom built for retreat centers, allowing strangers to share a room, allowing complex forms, etc. Giving them an edge over generic booking software.