Smart investing for a smarter planet

We invest in smart technologies that enable humanity to adapt to an increasingly unstable environment while preserving and deepening human dignity.

The problem of climate change

We are facing existential threat due to unstable weather, ecological collapse, ocean contamination, dwindling food and natural resources, amongst growing social and political unrest.

  • Average of 21.5 million people p/a forcibly displaced since 2008
  • Sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2,000 years
  • More than 1 million species face extinction

The opportunity

Millennial investors’ values are changing the profile of the investment world and looking to invest in clean capital opportunities. Likewise, millennial entrepreneurs working on emerging technology solutions are seeking smart values-aligned investments and advisors.

Our Solution

Our technology investments will lead to smarter sectors, smarter economies, and smarter environments.

A Smart Planet.

Our Business Model

Humanitas Capital is a private equity venture capital company with an innovative growth strategy for early-stage companies.

Management Team

We have industry leaders with 25+ years track record of significant financial returns, access to high-quality deal flow, industrial resources and global networks committed to making sure every dollar in our fund has the greatest impact on the planet.

Managing Director

Prav Pillay

25+ years of experience leading, developing and coaching high-performance teams and organizations working on progressive and challenging projects across private, public and not-for-profit sectors. CleanTech orientation developed over 35+ years of involvement in mainframe opera- tions, national data network management, new media and video streaming tech, robotics, AI, SAAS, military-grade surveillance and security, and social tech initiatives.

CFO & Senior Advisor

Praveen Varshney

25+ years as a driving force in Vancouver business. First, as a Founder Entrepreneur, and then as a Venture Capitalist and Angel Investor. Praveen has seen companies through to public exits in an array of sectors. He’s also involved in multiple charities as a Founder/Director including the Varshney Family Charitable Foundation.

Join Us.

USD 3M initial raise Q4 2019 (phase I)

USD 25M by Q4 2020 (Phase II)
USD 50M by Q4 2022 (Phase III)
USD 250K minimum investment
USD 50K on signing

Measurable social and ecological impact with above average market rare returns.

2% management fee
8% hurdle rate
20% carried interest